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Christmas ’08

After 5 days of Christmas and birthday, I’m excited to be home again. Though we had the camera with us most of the time, we really didn’ t take any pictures. At the time it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the moments. Besides, in the story of Jesus’ birth it says that “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” That has always been my favorite part of the Christmas story, and I need to learn to sit back and just enjoy the precious time God gives me with Him, family, and friends. Every moment is a part of the life He has given me, and I get to enjoy and learn.

On December 23, I got the kids all dressed up and broke out the camera to take some pics. Most of them turned out pretty silly, but we all had fun (well, maybe Liesel didn’t think it was so much fun.)


Also on December 23, James and I finally broke down and gave the boys their gifts. We’d been going crazy in the house for a week and a half, and we knew we’d be out of the house for most of the next three days so, we gave the boys Sypher and Rider. Now, they are most commonly used as swords, but the boys love them.


Also, they got a children’s Bible. Their favorite story that they hadn’t heard before is Jonah and the Big Fish. Liesel got batteries for our mobile for Christmas. She loves watching it go around!

The boys gave James a shirt that we colored for him. Of course, James knew it was coming. Aslan announced to him a few days before, “Mama said we could color on a shirt!” and James asked me about it. In case you can’t read it, it says, “Papa is Aslan’s horse, Shiloh’s lion, Liesel’s songbird, and Mama’s hero, AND WE LOVE HIM. James and the boys made a special box for me and decorated it with paper and glitter. James had the boys list all of the things that I do for them and he wrote them inside. So precious!


On Christmas Eve, it was snowing in Sedro-Woolley, the first white Christmas I can remember! (Apparently there was one years ago, the only Christmas I spent in Germany.)


We couldn’t believe it when my mom said that it was melting in Mount Vernon, but as soon as we were able to dig ourselves out of our driveway and skid out of  Sedro, there was a definite climate change. James had the shovel and his rubber gloves in the trunk, just in case.

My mom’s house was fun. Shiloh got a set of wooden cars that he can take apart, rearrange the pieces, and put back together. He loves to take things apart and figure out how things work. (For all you Hero’s fans, I know it’s freaky, but one night after watching Hero’s, James and I both thought at the same time, “Shiloh sounds like Sylar!”) Sometimes Shiloh does get himself in trouble because of his desire to figure out how things work, but as he ages, I suspect it will be a good thing. He’ll be a lifelong learner!

Aslan got a memory game. My mom showed him how to play with a few pairs, and then we laid out all the pieces and she and I played with him. He caught on so fast and soon we were struggling to keep up. He was so cute, though! When we had turned a piece over and then he found the pair on his turn, he would always offer to give us the piece we’d found. He also gave us pairs because our piles were not big enough. What a sweetie!

Uncle David was home for Christmas. He gave our family The Lion, The Witch, and The Wordrobe movie. We used to have it, but it disappeared about a year ago. I’m so glad to have it again! I always want to go to Narnia after I watch it. Alsan surprised us by telling us what would happen next, even though he hasn’t seen it since last December. He is very proud to share his name with the great lion.

We left my mom’s early to avoid ice on the roads. It was weird not to go to a Christmas Eve service.

On Christmas Day we went to James’ parents house. I stuffed myself with chocolate/orange flavored candy. It tasted like Germany! The boys had fun playing with their new stuffed animals and remote control trucks and reading books. James got a pair of real, warm gloves from his sister Crystal, now he won’t have to freeze in his rubber ones! We stayed too late in the day to comfortably drive home, so we ended up spending the night. Katie, James and I played Scrable and Scattergories late into the night. By the end we were “scatterbrained” as Jason called it.  For the question “What do you find in a desert” Katie and I responded with imitation vanilla extract and ice cream. James quickly put us to shame and we realized that we’d both read dessert. Needless to say, we laughed a lot.

With very little sleep, we woke up to my birthday. We canceled our plans with my family and when we finally got home that afternoon, we took a good, long nap. My mom took me shopping and we played games at her house on Saturday and Sunday. I won the Scrable game, my brother kicked my butt at Super Master Mind, and James started to teach Aslan to play checkers and mancala. I can tell that games are going to be so much fun as our kids get older. James also made me a platter of fruit for my birthday. I’m still trying to make up for the fact that I hardly ate any fruit all summer because of the low carb diet I was on for the pregnancy.

Here is a random and rare picture of Liesel when she is happy with her big brother Shiloh. While Liesel rewards Aslan’s gentle touches and talking to her, she seems to always know when GIANT Shiloh is coming to giver her a bear hug and a puppy kiss. Poor Shiloh adores her and doesn’t understand why she cries. He hasn’t ever hurt her, he just crowds her space. They were actually quite pleased with each other on my lap at this moment.


I felt very blessed all week, I must say. I have such a wonderful family! I want to be more like Mary, and just enjoy whatever circumstances I am handed.

Speaking of circumstances, our circumstances could be changing quite a bit in the next year. Yesterday, James took an entrance exam for the US Border Patrol. We’d been studying for the artificial language part of the test for almost a month now, since he would have to learn Spanish in the Border Patrol Academy. James passed! Of about 20 people who took the test, only six passed! This is the type of job that James has been wanting since we got married. Next he has to fill out a ton of paperwork, get a medical exam, and pass a physical test and a background test. We are slightly concerned about his hearing in the medical exam. If all of that goes through, in as early as 5 months, he would spend 5 months in the academy in New Mexico. The schooling is difficult, and they have a high drop-out/failure rate, and if at any point in the process they decide that they don’t like him, they can get rid of him. We haven’t decided if the kids and I would go with him to New Mexico or not. After all of the schooling, we would get stationed at the southern border for 2 years.  After that, he’d try to get a job at the Canadian border so we could move back here. Big stuff! We just want God’s will! Pray for us!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, too! God is so good! See you in the New Year!

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More Snow Pics

We took these pictures yesterday. I’ve never seen snow stick around for so long. We’re having a terrific time!



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Winter Fun

It’s been too long since I’ve posted! I have so much to share. Life has been crazy with three kids. Liesel went through a phase where she was hardly napping through the day, but the last few days I’ve successfully been able to get her to sleep for at least a couple hours by swaddling her and laying her down in her bouncy chair next to the dryer with music playing in the laundry room. The laundry room actually stays warmer than either of our two bedrooms, so it works out well. She is asleep there right now, hopefully she’ll stay that way long enough for me to post this blog 🙂

James is out in over a foot of snow building an igloo while the boys watch from the living room window. Snow is falling, but he isn’t even wearing a coat. Crazy!

The snow started falling in the evening on Saturday, and in case it wouldn’t last, we had to run outside to experience it while we could.


On Sunday, we awoke to a beautifully white neighborhood. As soon as the sun rose, we sent the boys outside to play. I threw a coat on over my pajamas and helped them build our snowman, whom Aslan lovingly named “E.E.”


It was Sunday afternoon after the first snowfall that, together with the Lawrences, we were crazy enough to take our little cars up into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. The Lawrences had 4 wheel drive, but we were packed into our 2-door, front wheel drive little Honda. We had to back down the mountain quite a bit when we lost traction a few times, but amazing James got us up to where we could cut down a tree. I wish we had pictures of the looks we got as others came down the mountain in their huge trucks pulling snow mobiles!

My guys and the Lawrences went trudging through the snow while I stayed in the car a few minutes to nurse Liesel. By the time I caught up to them, the boys were in tears, ready to be done with the cold. Though we tried to comfort them, their howls just got so funny that we couldn’t help but smile. The only time that Shiloh paused from his weeping was when James gave up on sawing our tree. Instead, James grabbed it and pulled it until the trunk broke and the tree fell on top of him. Shiloh stopped mid-howl and started giggling. Despite what one may think, the boys must have had fun because the moment we got home they pulled out their motorcycles and pretended to go up a mountain to get a Christmas tree in the snow.


On Monday, Liesel turned 2 months old. Here’s our little sweetheart.


I brought home a bunch of library books about monkeys the other day. One of them, entitled “Hug” was TOO much for Shiloh. The entire book only has 3 words: hug, Bobo, and, Mommy. The pictures of this sad little monkey wanting a hug were so moving to Shiloh that he could not look through the pages without protruding his lower lip and bursting into tears. We tried to show him the happy ending, and eventually he’d comfort himself by saying, “Mama is coming.” Though it seemed like torcher, he insisted that we read it over and over again.


Here are some other pics of our family.



So many pics! I need to put another post up soon with all of the pictures of the boys in the igloo this morning. (No, I didn’t finish this post while Liesel slept. I’ve actually eaten breakfast and lunch and played in the snow since I first started writing.) See ya soon!

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