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Play Group

At play group this week Julie, Krista and I made edible play dough for our boys out of peanut butter, honey, and buckwheat flour (to make it gluten-free for Shiloh).  Though the boys were cautious and way too clean at first, they ended up having a blast. While the playdough was in bowls, they were carefully trying to mix it, but once we scooped it on to the table and added a bit more flour, the boys started using the cookie cutters and making mountains,  bread, sandwiches, and cakes always munching as they created.


Meanwhile, Emma and Liesel spent some time under the mobile and some time eagerly observing the boys.


Another mini-birthday


Liesel is 3 months old now! The little rascal wouldn’t stop kicking up her dress as I tried to take her picture. She’s growing fast and holding her head up more and more. She loves to face forward in the sling and she intently watches Aslan, Shiloh, and James when they wrestle. Here she is in her new favorite position, propped up on the bobby pillow.


James is teaching to boys that they should always protect their little sister by keeping mean guys away. In play, whenever James is “Gonna get Liesel,” the boys resist him more strongly. They fight even harder for her than when Papa is “Gonna get Mama.” She is well loved.

Alphabet Aslan

Ever since I first showed Aslan that his name started with an ‘A,’ he’s been crazy about learning the alphbet. He asked me to take this picture the other day when he shaped an ‘A’ out of a toy.


Over a year ago, he found an S in the mess I was sweeping, and he chewed an A out of a piece of bread. More recently,  Nettie taught him to make an A out of popsickle sticks and he made an L, an O, and an E on a Battleship game. (Of course, A, S, L, O and E are the most important letters because they stand for Aslan, Shiloh, Liesel, Oma, and Elephant. Ha! I just noticed he’s even wearing his favorite elehpant shirt in the pic!) Aslan loves to read books with me and learn letters. I can’t wait to teach him to read!


It occured to me that most of you probably don’t know the doll that Liesel is getting her monthly pictures taken with. Her story begins on our honeymoon…

First of all, you must know that I love dolls. I still have all of my favorite childhood dolls. That reminds me, Katie, my sister-in-law, took a picture of James and I with my dolls before we were even married. A family of girls, their names are: Jenny, Freckles, Rianna, Katie, and Cora.


So, James and I stayed in a cute cabin in a little town called Ashford at Mount Rainier for our honeymoon.  It had one tiny store that pretty much just sold beer and post cards. We had to drive about 22 miles down a long curvy road to get to a grocery store in Packwood. There, they had a display of dolls that I couldn’t stop looking at, though we didn’t buy one. (At this store we also asked if they had a pregnancy test. They did not. It was still too early to take one, anyway.) Back at our little cabin called “Laze Daze,” we (well, ‘I’) couldn’t stop thinking about one gorgeous doll. So, the next day, we spent our first lonely hours apart as a married couple as James drove back to Packwood to get the doll.

It was our first ‘baby’ together. We named her Natalie. Here we are with Natalie on our honeymoon. 


About 2 weeks later, we found out that I was pregnant. Natalie was also instrumental in how we told my brother, David, that he was going to be an uncle. 


So, now you’ve been introduced to Liesel’s stunted older sister that she gets her picture taken with every month. 🙂

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