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My Sweethearts…

I can see how delaying (or not having time for) writing a blog can be a vicious cycle. It’s been so long that I have so much to share! I know it’s going to take more time to write, so I keep putting it off. James has given me the evening off, so here I go. Let me start at the beginning.

Right after I posted my last blog I mused to James, “I wonder if anyone will comment…” Next thing I knew, Shiloh went running into the bedroom to grab two books. They were from a set, so they were the same size. He set one on the floor and the other he held behind it like a laptop computer. He then typed on the bottom book, picked up the top book, came running over to me and exclaimed, “I commented on your picture, Mama!” Hmmm… maybe I spend too much time on Facebook. It was soooo sweet though!

Some other exciting news for our little family: David got married on Friday, January 30! His Fiance drove down to Arizona for the weekend and they got married! Now we have an “Aunt Ashley” in our family! Ashley will be going to school in the area while David finishes his training in Arizona and then moves on to Colorado and possibly Afgahnastan.

Now comes the hard part, and the fun part: sharing lots of pictures and memories. I enjoy having a blog and I’ve often thought how cool it would be at the end of the year to publish a book of all the blogs from that year to share with the kids for years to come… Well, here goes.

A couple of pictures of Liesel, including one in the Little Red Riding Hood cape that I made. She laughed and rolled from front to back for the first time on February 7. She has laughed 3 times, the first time for James, and the loudest and longest for Aslan and Shiloh as they were making ‘thunder’ by jumping up and down in the living room.


The boys have developed a real interest in the camera. They asked me to take this picture. 


Then, they laid on their backs with their butts in the air and asked me to take another…boys! A few days later, I gave them lessons on how to use the camera and let them each take a turn with it. Here are some of the pictures they took.


That last picture of Shiloh, the one that Aslan took, brings up an important topic: his hair. Should I cut it, or not? James thinks not, but the poor kid sees less and less as each day passes. We tried combing it to one side, but his head is so huge that that looked hidious. We had to work very hard not to laugh, because we didn’t want him to get self concious. James also tried getting it wet and parting it down the middle. This looked okay, but I’d have to do it at least 3 times a day to keep it that way! I don’t even brush my own hair three times a day! Here he is with his styled hair:


What do you guys think? Let it grow more, or not? I’ll share one more photo of him with shorter bangs:


We are letting Aslan’s hair grow out a bit. I think it will go curly again, though it he will never again look quite like he did just before I cut off the curls at 16 months. 


Moving on, a couple of days ago I stood a book up so Liesel could look at it. Here is a picture story of what happened next:


All three kids were well occupied and very happy inside their fence for a suprisingly long time.

After chasing the cat and pulling his tail and sqeezing him too tightly for a very long time, Shiloh is finally learning to be nice and soft with Milo:


The boys are also loving all sorts of ‘school’ activites such as Simon says, making paper airplains, tracing, cutting, doing jumping jacks, reading, singing, painting, and cooking. Every morning when Liesel goes down for her first nap, we pull out whatever suits our fancy and we have a blast. I love to ‘homeschool’ and they love it too. I’ve also been reading up on curriculums for when that time comes and I’m super excited about Sonlight Curriculum. I plan to start using it next year. Here are my two little school-boy pirates:


Since so much of  this blog has been about Shiloh, I should add a funny little story about Aslan. Last weekend, while he was supposed to be taking a nap, he came out of his room to where James and I were talking and asked, “Mama and Papa, do you have a brain?”  We assured him we did, but he still seemed skeptical.

Well, that’s all for now! Hope I’ll write again sooner, rather than later!

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