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Just Now

So much has happened since I blogged last, even today, that I don’t know where to start, so I guess I’ll start with where I’m at right now. I just finished listening to an incredible sermon online by Mark Driscoll, pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle. It was the first in his series on 1 and 2 Peter. JESUS IS LORD! The sermon was such an encouraging reminder of that to me.  Mark Driscoll played a huge roll in my life during my high school years as I was learning the basics of who Jesus is and what it means to be a Christian woman. It is so awesome to see God still changing him and using him powerfully almost 10 years later. In a nation where many claim to be Christian but don’t really believe the Bible or live as if Jesus is Lord, God has been so faithful to provide me with good teachers who know Him. I am so blessed!

Now I’ll try to go back to the beginning…

The week that followed my last blog was a crazy one. First, Wednesday night, I went from being super hard-hearted against God for taking away an opportunity in the Air Force (or any government job that requires decent hearing), to being broken and completely humbled. James and I had some really good talks and I put down my pride and expectations. That night after we prayed, James and I found an awesome job opportunity in Raymond Washington that he was totally qualified for. Like he does multiple times each week, he applied. The next morning, Thursday, James called the boss while he was looking over his resume. He asked for pictures, and James sent. For those of you who don’t know the kind of amazing detailed work that James does on costume yachts for millionairs, here are a few pictures:

This boat is called The Souvenier. James led the remodel on it. The bunks shown had been lockers. James designed and built the bunks in their place.


These were taken on the yacht he worked in in Louisianna last summer called The Mary P. He didn’t do any of the work shown in the last picture, I just think it’s way cool.

james-work-002100_2130 100_2134


Anyway, on Friday morning we got the email that the company wanted to hire James. Pay rate was discussed and arrangements were made for him to come down for a 3 week probationary period, starting a week later. It was like God was saying, see what I can do, I can do anything with just a snap of my finger! I had so much peace, though I felt completely undeserving. I was studying Isaiah 1:19 about ‘resisting and rebeling’ versus being ‘willing and obedient’ and I could feel that my heart had changed to being willing and obedient. The true test of this, though, came when we got an email a few days later that basically just said, “Nevermind.” We were crushed. We’d been researching the area, planning to go to a Mars Hill Campus in Olympia, excited to be close to where my dad lives and thanking God for providing! We’ll probably never know why God kept us from this job, but even so, my heart wasn’t bitter like it had been a week earlier when another hope had been taken from us. I’m so thankful that God has changed me. I know that He can do anything with a blink of an eye. We are desperately waiting for Him to give us a direction to go, but He can do it so fast and so powerfully. Who knows what He has planned for us next or when He’ll give us a glimpse of it?

Enjoying the Sunshine

James and I have taken several hikes with the boys. Sticks are the main highlight as they make great swords, guns, umbrellas and whappers. Shiloh picks up any good stick that he can carry and would hold 10 at a time if we let him, upgrading any time he sees a better one. Aslan, on the other hand, won’t touch a slimy, mossy, or crocked stick, but always has to have a good sized smooth one to put in his sheath (coat). On the hike today, my mom was trying to find one for him and she picked up a fun looking one that had some little twigs pointing out, Aslan simply stated, “That looks kind of like an F,” and walked on, trying to find the ‘right’ kind of stick. I’ve been pointing out ferns and moss and fallen trees that have been sawn through for the trail, and was tickled to learn that the boys have been listening when they told my mom all about these things on the hike today! I love being out with the family!


Aslan Writes His Name!

A few weeks ago, we were given a beginner spirograph and the boys were makeing ‘flowers’ and ‘borders’ with it. After Aslan completed the first border, he asked what it was, and I told him that one could write something in the middle. I then went on to help Shiloh make a border, until Aslan stopped me to ask how to finish an ‘N’. I saw he had printed almost his whole name! After I helped him with the N, I thought he was finished. I got concerned when he kept on going because I didn’t want him to scribble out what he had written. Instead of scribbling, I saw that he had written his middle initial, ‘E’. He then needed help spelling Lyon. I had never even shown him how to write a ‘Y’ but he did! Oh, I was so proud of him. Here is Aslan’s first attempt at writing his name!


Ever since, Shiloh has been making H’s and L’s all over all of his work, and Aslan asks me to spell out different names for him. 

Aslan also takes awesome care of Liesel. On some of our nice days, while Shiloh naps, I’ve been sending them outside to play. Aslan makes sure to keep Liesel entertained while I work in the laundry room with the door open.


Shiloh Colors!

It’s interesting to note the differences in the boys’ coloring. Aslan enjoys coloring, but doesn’t put thought and effort into it like Shiloh. It shows in the work! Shiloh works very hard to stay in the lines, and he always picks his colors very carefully. This is a rabbit coloring page that we got at the weekly library reading program. (The white parts are actually pink in the original.)


Liesel Turned 6 Months Old!

She started sitting about 2 weeks ago. It’s wonderful! She’s so happy to be independent and play with toys! James also discovered that she loves bananas and baths in the sink. In my opinion, the second half of a babies first year is so much more fun than the first! Now, to get her to start sleeping better at night…





…no, not the kind to put in Liesel’s hair. Bow as in bow and arrow. Since Aslan and Shiloh often pretend to be Susan Pevensie with an imaginary quiver, bow, and arrows, I suggested to James that he make the boys some arrows. They were fascinated as he did, and he also made a little one for Liesel. The boys absolutely love their bows, and they make sure that Liesel has access to hers at all times. Lucky for us, the arrows are still imaginary 🙂


Fun with James’ Old Lense

Working at his parent’s house, James found a lense that he took out of an old copy machine years ago. Fun times!


That’s all I can think of…man this is a long post! Please keep James’ search for a job in your prayers!

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