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Yes, I know, I’m overdue for my blog! My days and my evenings have been very full the last couple of weeks, full in a great way! James is working. He got a temporary position on Shaw Island working for someone who he used to work with (this is the man who we got the goats from and who has a daughter named Liesl.) James has been camping out there during the week so that we’re not spending so much money on the ferry trips across. We’re really hoping that these 3 weeks turn into much much longer! James and I both love it out on Shaw and have wanted to move there since he got a job there the first time, when I was pregnant with Aslan!

One might think that with James gone in the evening, I have plenty of time to blog once the kids are in bed, but I’ve had another exciting and very time consuming project to tend to: I’m teaching some friends of ours the Bradley Method of childbirth! Though I haven’t been formally trained yet, I offered and they’ve asked me to teach them. I am loving it! I’m putting hours of thought and re-research into what to teach them and when! I’m tailoring the class specifically to them and their 7-year-old daughter who they plan to have at the birth. It’s a ton of fun, but I also feel a huge responsibility to prepare them well. I can’t wait to be a certified teacher, and a doula who might get asked to help out at a birth!

In addition to all that, Liesel is crawling! She is everywhere that she shouldn’t be, eating anything she can get her hands on! Baby-proofing is much different with 2 older kids. It’s not that they have toys that are too small because we’ve put most of those away and the boys are quick to take anything too small away from her. It’s that after meals, Liesel darts for the table to see if there are any crumbs under it (maybe I need a dog…) and she will find every chunk of dirt that gets brought into the laundry room. With the boys playing outside everyday, it gets exhausting to keep the floors in perfect condition. Liesel is also moving upward. She’s pulling herself into a standing position when she’s near anything that she can grap on to, especially my legs. It’s kind of scarry because once she’s up, she doesn’t have good balance yet. She gets up so quickly and once she’s on my legs from behind, there’s nothing I can do to catch her without causing her to fall. Falling hasn’t discouraged her either, so hopefully she’ll figure out the act of balancing very soon. It seemed to take forever for her to get to sitting, and now she’s growing up so fast. Still no teeth though, I wonder when those will come in…

I can’t think of what else I need to write about, I’m sure it’ll come to me as I add pictures!

Auntie Katie gave Liesel a cute little tutu on the women’s retreat.

May 9 09 034May 9 09 045

Noah got married, and James was the best man! The kids and I had a blast dancing, I wasn’t able to rope James into it until the very last song! (Thanks to Erin for the dancing photos, as we didn’t have our camera on this momentous occasion…)


Auntie Katie’s band Citizen Kate had a concert, and the boys had a blast there with their baby lions. Aslan is telling a story about something that happened, and Shiloh made a friend to play ‘catch the lion’ with!


Last Sunday, Jude was baptized in Clear Lake, and we stayed to let the kids play in the water.


Liesel turned 7 months old. She went from sitting to scooting to crawling and climbing in just over a month! 

May 22 09 039May 22 09 048CIMG1742CIMG1751

Some other random photos: Before bed singing time with Papa, the boys’ first rainbow, new matching outfits from Oma, doing school in our tent in the living room, and lots of playing outside!

May 22 09 026May 22 09 064May 22 09 050May 22 09 059May 9 09 070May 9 09 099May 9 09 121May 9 09 115

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot. The boys and I made a video of them as firemen and entered it into a contest on Facebook. Right now we are tied for first place, and voting continues through Thursday the 28th. We really want to win the firetruck set! If you have a Facebook account and would like to cast your vote, go to the group “I wanna be…” (There are several with this title, the one we are in has a mostly red icon with firemen on it) and look for the videos. Click the ‘like’ button to vote.

So this seemed like a really random blog. Life is really busy right now, but we’re really enjoying what’s before us: work on our favorite island ever, teaching the Bradley Method, and enjoying our kids and the sunshine! God is good!

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