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The Rest of August

So here are the pictures for the rest of August.


The boys got new bicycles and helmets. They’ve been having a blast with them! Learning to pedal was new for Aslan, but he caught on quickly with a little help from a big tricycle at the store. It seems that Shiloh can power anything he gets on! Liesel tries to get to the bikes whenever she can, and squeals with delight when she succeeds! While the boys ride, she pushes a little trike or a broken car around in circles, and I get some time to read while they are occupied!

August 09 009August 09 012August 09 037August 09 029

Liesel is 10 months old

Liesel turned 10 months old and took her first steps right around that time. She finally started walking full-time this week. Her fat little belly sticks way out. It’s adorable! She is a determined little one, though. She doesn’t want to be served by her brothers (except food), she wants to run and climb with them! For her 10 month picture, I took it in our trailer with her ‘lovey’ doll. I tried to encourage a couple of different stuffed animals to become her lovey, but all on her own she picked this one! I made it when I was in about 5th grade, and just learning how to use a sewing machine. My mom bought me some flannel fabric to experiment with and I went nuts! The seams are funky,  it is not very shapely, and it has no face, but it’s kind of cool that Liesel chose something I made when I was a little girl to be her favorite soft toy!

August 09 062August 09 068

Before I changed her out of her clean clothes, (clothes don’t stay clean long when she wants to play in the dirt all day) I tried to take a picture of her and me. Just as the picture was taken, she tried to claw my eye out, I screamed and shut my eyes, and she was obviously pretty amused!

August 09 073

Life in the Trailer

This is a typical morning in the trailer, at least on weekends when James doesn’t leave early to work. We hang out in bed, cuddling and wrestling with the kids, as long as we can.

August 09 132August 09 041

On Saturday’s we’ve also been driving around looking at land. There are some beautiful pieces out there! Who knows? Maybe we’ll be buying as early as spring.

James completed the railing to the bunk and a ladder for the boys to climb into their bed.  It’s small, but we find it very cozy. Soon we’ll have to hook up a heat source, but so far only the mornings are chilly enough to want to stay in our sleeping bags. Also, the tent seems to stay warmer than the trailer, even if only a little sun is hitting it. As I think I said before, we’ll be moving everything down the hill in the next couple of weeks.

August 09 082August 09 091

Hiking in Rockport

I’ll call this the ‘Roaring Hike’ because that seemed to be the theme, at least in the pictures. James started it by hiding behind trees and jumping out to surprise the boys. Even Liesel joined in!

August 09 107August 09 110August 09 103August 09 105


School is still pretty informal. As we have opportunity we play games, do mazes, cut, color, count, and of course do lots and lots of reading. Here’s a project that we did where the boys cut out pieces and glued together a picture of Milo, our cat. (And no, in Shiloh’s picture, that is not feces under him. Apparently, it’s a lost piece of his train track. He had me wondering when he grabbed the brown crayon and went for it!)

August 09 040August 09 039


Remember the last story I had to tell about goats? If you don’t check it out. I wrote it last November. It’s called “Our Goats and the History of Liesel’s name.” Well, we did it again. We talked about it first, prepared a pin,  and got five goats. A week and a half later, they are still here, and everyone is still happy! A different friend of James’, also living on Shaw Island offered James 3 baby goats, and then threw in the 2 mamas as well, for free. James accepted. We borrowed a truck that we could all ride in and got on the fairy using the last tickets that James had purchased when he was working on the island a few months ago. We arrived, got to see a few friends as church let out on Shaw, and got our goats. In line and on the ferry, we were the center of attention! People couldn’t help but stop and pet the goats. Cameras were even flashing as the ferry unloaded and cars were driving past us! Here is our trip and our beautiful Nubian goats.

August 09 149August 09 155August 09 164August 09 176August 09 187August 09 203

It took a couple of days, but I managed to name them all. The mama goat with the black on her nose is Blueberry. Apparently she used to be called Raspberry, but since her collar is bluish, and the other collar is redish, I thought Blueberry would be easier to remember. She is the boss. She wants all the attention, and she is a jerk to the other goats. Her kids are the two black-headed boys. Their names are Patricles and Carl. Patricles, because James won’t name a son that, and Carl, just because. The mama that I’m pictured with is Strawberry. She is super sweet and she loves to be pet. Her spirited daughter is the white kid, named Misty. I thought of misty because of all the fog that was on the water on the ferry trip over, and it just seems to suit her. Blueberry is quite mean to Misty. She seems to want to protect Strawberry from Misty. We think that Strawberry is also Blueberry’s daughter. Misty seems to think that Blueberry’s headbutting is funny and tries to provoke it.

So far, we are just letting the babies nurse, but in a couple of months we’ll try our hand at milking them ourselves. For now we just let them eat in the field next to James’ parents, give them fresh water, and talk to them and pet them a lot. The most work is on James who keeps having to move the fence when they run out of food. We love our goats. We are so happy to have them! Maybe someday we’ll even be able to bring Liesel and Luna to join the herd. (We’d have to change Liesel’s name of course. The goat, not the girl!)

Well, I think that’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

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