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This will be short and sweet and to the point! I need to get this done, but I don’t have much of a brain for it right now. It’ll mostly just be pictures! 🙂

Liesel’s First Year

Liesel was NOT super pleased with her 1-year pictures. She just wanted to sit in my lap. (Aren’t her eyes just gorgeous though?!)

Yeah, that’s the best I could get. The sweater she wore was one that I made last year when I was pregnant.

For Liesel’s birthday, we made her a set of blocks. James cut shapes from scrapes of wood, I decorated them, and James shellacked them. We also let the boys and other family members decorate the larger pieces with a special message for Liesel. They were a hit for all the kids.

The girl is in love with scarves! It was on her first birthday that she discovered this one, which belongs to Auntie Katie. She is so happy when she’s allowed to wear one, and she goes around expecting everyone to tell her how ‘nice’ it looks. She also loves shoes!

A doll from Nana and Grandpa. Aslan has named it Annalisa from the book Kiss the Cow.

More cute clothes from Auntie Katie.

A Jack-in-the-Box from Oma. Once we showed her how it works, she knew it was hers and she became extremely possessive! She loves to hear it sing.

Random photos

Men and dog: happy in the mud. This is the space where James is currently building our greenhouse. Pictures of that to come!

Shopping with Mama

Hope to write again soon!

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