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November Part Four

Children’s Museum

We recently renewed our membership at the local Children’s Museum. We love it there! The kids have plenty of room to run around and explore everything within reach! There are always a ton of activities to do in the art room, and some new exhibits every month. We have been trying to spend a couple of hours there every week. Here are some pictures of the kids there:

Aslan in the sandbox

Hugging the moose to say ‘hello’


Water games

The toddler room

Children’s museum’s are awesome!

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November Part Three

Our Kids

So, our kids don’t always get along like cute little angels, but I just love to find them enjoying each other!

This next picture is my favorite.

I found the boys asleep like this after James and I had just had a long conversation about how different our two boys are, and how special and important their relationship is.

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November Part Two

Outings with the Boys

For the first few days after my friends’ baby was born, I visited on a daily basis. On the first day, I took just Aslan and left Shiloh and Liesel with James. I rarely get time with him alone, and we had a blast. We buckled one of his stuffed animals into Liesel’s car seat and Aslan got to talk nonstop on the drive. While we were gone, Shiloh enjoyed playing guitar with James.

The next day, I took Shiloh with me to see the new baby. We stopped for gas at Costco and I was letting him pump it when I noticed that a tire that had been giving us trouble was almost completely flat. When it was filled, I could hear the air coming back out. Shiloh and I ended up wandering around Costco for over two hours while they changed the tire. We walked, holding hands through the store. We stopped to touch anything that was soft and we tasted a few of their samples. Walking through the toy aisles, I saw a child’s digital camera, which is something I’ve been wanting for the boys. It was far less expensive than the ones I had seen online and seemed to be good quality, so we splurged and got it. Later, walking through the chip aisle to buy a few items for lunch, Shiloh looked up and said to me, “I want to be here with you forever!” It was a sweet sweet time, even if it was long.

When we got home, the boys were super excited about the camera. I was disappointed to find that the flash was so bright that it washed out faces indoors, but a piece of paper taped over it seemed to help. Here are a bunch of pictures that Aslan and Shiloh took. It’s so fun to see the world from a child’s perspective!

Needless to say, the boys loved having a camera of their own. It was unfortunate that the button used to take the picture got stuck only 3 days after later…so I transferred the pictures to our computer and returned the camera. Someday soon I’ll get them a camera that won’t break!

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November: Part One

I’m sitting with a sick, sleeping Shiloh on my lap and thought I might have time to blog a bit.

Birthday Concerts

According to Katie’s wish, James and I went to a couple of concerts with her for her birthday. To the first, we just brought Liesel. She was a hoot! I dressed her in the dress Katie had given her for her birthday. She danced to the music and got plenty of attention! Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera. I also missed the boys, I knew they would have loved it.

We brought all of the kids (and the camera) to the second gig. Here is the kid crew are on the drive down,

The concert was at a coffee shop in the middle of a plaza. The boys were fascinated with the water fountain just outside the door, and they carried their Baby Lion and Baby Panda to a sushi bar to grab a bite to eat.

Shiloh was mezmerized by the music. (Shhh! He’ll be getting a small guitar for Christmas!)

When the concert got too long, the boys had a blast running down the long empty hall to the bathroom. About halfway through the concert, I began looking through all our coats for Baby Panda, but I couldn’t find him. I suspected he might be at the sushi bar, so I headed out in the pouring rain, only to find Baby Panda a few yards from the entrance to the coffee shop…soaking wet! Since they love the story “In Which Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Water,” Shiloh was able to overcome the tragedy by telling the story in which Baby Panda is entirely surrounded by water. We wrapped him in napkins and set him in front of the heater when we got home. Here are the kids on the drive home.

Since it was so late, James and I sang together most of the way home in order to stay awake. Singing is not something we normally do, but we had a blast! At the end it turned into the worship music that we sang at church when we first were together and hadn’t sung in years. Song after song after song came to mind. We decided to pull James’ guitar out of storage. He’s put new strings on it and he started practicing again. We also got all of the chords to the old worship music. It’s great!

Happy Birthday Katie!


Little did I know that while James and I were singing, my friend and first childbirth student went into labor! I found out that she was in labor via facebook the next morning. My response was more emotional than I had expected! I began to shake and cry and PRAY! I had poured so much time and love into the childbirth classes, and all of a sudden, the birth was happening and I had to be a good friend and wait! I escaped from the kids and cleaned and prayed aloud for about an hour. I felt much calmer after that. Finally, later that evening I got a call from the new mother to tell me of the beautiful, wonderful homebirth that she’d had. I got to see pictures of the birth the next day. I was elated! Congratulations and good job Larry and Chrissy!

I love teaching about natural childbirth! Another friend/mentor of ours saw my passion for it and started praying for God to bring more pregnant women to me. God has! I will be teaching classes for a couple starting in January, and soon I’ll be talking with another pregnant lady about her options regarding birth, and she may also opt for me to teach her. Hopefully, I’ll get to attend a birth as a doula someday, but in my classes I focus so much on having a husband or other close person help the woman in labor, that they realize they don’t really need outside help (especially in the case of a homebirth). I am not certified yet (and no longer wish to be certified under the Bradley Method name), but I found out from my next student that my midwife (who was also the midwife who delivered my friends’ baby and plans to deliver my next student’s baby) heartily approved of me preparing her for natural childbirth. This made my heart soar! God has given me this passion, and it is so rewarding to be blessing others with what I’ve learned about how he created women to birth with the help of those they love and trust!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for November Part Two!

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November: Part Zero

Okay, so I’m going to divide up last month’s blogs into a bunch of tiny ones because it’s just too overwhelming for me to get it all done at once! This first one is titled ‘Part Zero’ because I’m not sure if it happened in late October or November.

The Boys

The boys have such fun together, here they are reading to each other while sitting in a ‘boat’ going to Narnia (according to Shiloh) and/or a house of someone we don’t know (according to Aslan).

After Small Group

Shiloh usually wakes up if he is carried into a house before his bedtime, but on one Thursday he was tired enough to sleep through most of the Christian community group that we go to. When we got home, he was hungry and NOT ready for bed. We had a blast with just him until James and I were too tired to stay up any longer. It got pretty goofy, and we allowed him to do things that we could never do with three children at once… as you can see in the photos.

Mud and our Hoophouse

Mud was such an attraction to the boys, and the enjoyment that it gave them to play in it coupled with the amount of time it kept them occupied, made it worth the extra baths and cleanup I had to facilitate. James is almost finished with our hoophouse now, but here you can just see pvc pipe on the ground, which we used for the frame. I’ll keep posting the progression of the hoophouse building.

Well, it looks like Shiloh got to be the star of this blog! More of the rest of the family coming soon!

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