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Ferry Trip

Between Christmas and New Years, we were able to go visit my dad an tow a Jeep home that he’s been trying to give to us for months! We hope to have it running soon. I also got to meet my step brother and his family for the first time. The ferry trips are always a blast!

Shopping with Three Kids

I never realized how much work it would be to shop with a bunch of kiddos! I’m always exhausted by the end.

New Years Eve

Liesel fell in love with a guinea pig on New Years Eve. Surprisingly all kids and adults in our family stayed awake! The kids banged on pots and pans outside at midnight. Soon after, Aslan fell asleep.

Some Cute Random Photos


Pics of the family on some land we’re thinking about purchasing.

First Symphony

The boys and I went to a symphony at MacIntyre Hall. It was intended for families, and children got in for free! It was a fun time for just the three of us. In the foyer, there was dancing, face painting, instrument coloring, and instrument making. During the symphony, several members of the orchestra spoke about their instrument, why they chose it, and how old they were when they started playing.

Girly Girl

I finally bought Liesel a few pairs of tights (because she refuses to leave socks on her feet) and some hair things because her hair is finally long enough to do stuff with! She loves to dress up, but hates to leave anything on her body! Yesterday, for the first time, she let me do her hair and left her pigtails in for several hours.


Currently, we are working through the preschool book by Handwriting Without Tears. The boys are loving it! Aslan has been writing ‘shopping lists’ and trying to put together words. I even made pages for Liesel, who loves to color and be treated like the big kids. I can’t believe that at the beginning of next school year, Aslan will be Kindergarten age! We plan to home school. We will be using many components of Sonlight Curriculum and trying to keep Aslan and Shiloh together for most subjects. I do plan to do Singapore math with Aslan, as he seems to be a number lover just like me. We will also work on reading and writing, all at a fun and individualized pace.

Dressing up

The boys are going to be ring bearers as David’s wedding tomorrow. Here are the cuties trying on their tuxes.

And, for the first time in a long time, my blog is caught up! Write again soon!

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Homemade Christmas

Here are the Christmas pictures! We did homemade gifts this year. Lots of fun!

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December Part One

The Hoop House

Well, the hoop house has been coming along. Here it is with a floor down. The kids love all the space to run in! It’s almost 600 square feet. It is surprisingly warm even on very cold days, as long as the sun is shining on it. I also LOVE all of the light! The move into the hoop house is moving along more slowly than we had hoped, but it will be ready soon!

Christmas Preperations

I’d forgotten how much fun it is for kids to decorate for Christmas. The excitement was contagious! Aslan would pick up something and ask, “Where should we decoration this?”

More Children’s Museum

Liesel gets about as much paint on herself and me when she paints, but she sure enjoys it!

On one day in particular, the boys got into the dress-up clothes.

The same day, the boys were off playing and I was with Liesel. She was playing with a ball-blowing machine, while a little 2-year-old boy played with legos at the nearby light table. Liesel turned around and headed straight for the boy’s neatly organized toys. I stopped my video recording to make sure that she wouldn’t destroy his work. Instead of getting upset, the boy saw her coming, and offered her one of his creations. Liesel took it, looked at it, then set it down and ran off humming. The little boy watched her go and said, “Cute!” It was so adorable! I so wish I had caught it on video!

Crazy Hair by James

Liesel Helps Cook

Liesel loves food and anything to do with it! In her limited vocabulary she already says, apple, chip, cheese, milk, more, nurse, and as of today, carrot. Here, she is eager to help James cook. She’ll push a chair or stool across the kitchen just to make sure she is not left out of meal preparations!

Liesel is also a little smarty-pants! She rolls her hands around together to show when she wants to wash her hands. Once, she was using it as a ploy to participate in doing dishes with her Nana and Auntie Katie. They wouldn’t let her, so she went to the door where muddy boots are taken of, rubbed her hands in some dirt, and came back doing her hand-washing sign!

Early Christmas Present

I couldn’t keep these until Christmas, so the boys got them early. They had been asking for a ‘Sutemi’ for their babies. (Sutemi Gear is what I carry Liesel in, very similar to an Ergo). I crocheted one for each of them, and they were very pleased to wear their babies all day!

Other Random Photos

Aslan is very serious when he is coloring, writing, or building. He has also fallen in love with dot-to-dots!

I will stop now. Christmas pictures will still come…I’m so far behind!

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