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After so much planning the day of David and Ashley’s church wedding finally came! (They ran off and got married in court exactly one year before, but wanted to have a real celebration with all of their friends and family.) James was a groomsmen, and Aslan and Shiloh were the ring-bearers. My mom and a friend of Ashley’s oversaw everything. They did a fantastic job! The helpers had nothing to do the last couple of hours before the wedding. My only real job was chasing Liesel around all day, which definitely reflects in the pictures I took! She wore a dirndl, a traditional German dress, that my Opa had sent when I was born. She also had the cute little pigtails which her hair is finally long enough for! And the girl was a cute little rascal! All day long she was unable to nap in the strange environment, and as evening neared she was loud and cranky about it! Right before the wedding started, I was walking with her on my back hoping that she would go to sleep. As I went up the stairs with the boys to get them in place to walk down the aisle, she finally drifted off. After sending the boys down the aisle, I was able to sneak in and sit with my parents in the front row through the entire wedding, with Liesel asleep on my back! I haven’t sat through a wedding since before James and I were married, as we’ve always had a loud little one to tend to throughout the service. I was grateful that God timed things just perfectly for me to enjoy, not only the wedding, but getting to sit and eat at the reception! The whole service, the food, the adorable kids, lots of friends and family, and of course, the happily married couple made for an awesome night!

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