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There is so much happening right now! James has officially launched our farm, Good Shepherd Farm, under the support of another local farm! So far, all of our animals are out there, and in the next couple of weeks, we get to move out there too! After the move, I’ll share more about that adventure. It’s too much for me to get into today, and I haven’t taken enough pictures yet, so you’ll just have to wait and see for now! We have had several other family events this month…

Easter Eggs

For the first time this year, we let the boys help color eggs. (Usually it’s something James and I do on a date night after the kids are in bed.) I got a spinner-thing, which was a lot of fun and very clean, even for really young kids! Unfortunately, the dye did not dry well, and it was still sticky the next day during our egg hunt.

We also made our own set of Resurrection Eggs based off of this website. The kids had gone through the Resurrection Eggs during a Children’s Church on Good Friday, and I was amazed at how much they had retained! When Shiloh opened an egg with some thorns from our rosebush in it, he commented about how a crown of thorns was put on Jesus. I was thrilled that the boys knew to celebrate the empty egg, representing the empty tomb, as the most exciting egg of all!

Easter Dinner

Unfortunately, our camera has a bit of a delay. As I was trying to take a picture of the yummy Easter dinner that my mom made, this delay got in the way.

First attempt: James reaches in to serve himself some potatoes, covering Liesel’s face.

Second attempt: James serves himself some more potatoes, covering Liesel’s face again.

Third attempt: James serves some meat, blocking Liesel’s face.

Me: “James!!! Stop blocking Liesel’s face!”

Fourth attempt: Click. It seemed that I had finally gotten the shot that I wanted, but when the picture appeared on the digital screen, this is what I saw:

When/how did he do that? “James!!! Let’s try this again!”

Fifth attempt:


Jesus is Risen!

Construction Work

For about two weeks, there was construction work going on in the ally behind my mom’s house. Excavator digging, backhoes making the whole house shake, dump-trucks driving around, squasher-downers rolling…what more could the kids want in the back yard? I’m glad all the commotion is finally over, but it was a blast while it lasted.

Sonlight Curriculum

We got our box of core curriculum for the kindergarten year from Sonlight! We are still going to get science and math over the summer, but when the package arrived it was our biggest ‘box day’ yet! I told the kids they’d be able to look at the books all day, but then I’d put them away…

…but I forgot. The next morning when the alarm went off early for us to get ready for church… I walked into the quiet living room thinking everyone else was still asleep, I was wrong!

We read a few more books before getting ready for the day!

Popcorn Fun Night

We’ve instituted a new family tradition that we call “Popcorn Fun Night.” The kids look forward to it every week! James makes popcorn and juice and we have a fun family activity to do. The first night, we created this ‘fire’ on a big poster.

The next week we cuddled and watched “An American Tale.” James has sung the song “There are no Cats in America” to all the kids as babies, and we even recorded him singing it on a tape for me to play when I was pregnant with Liesel and he was in Louisiana working. It was a blast!

Last week, we made our own play dough and played with it. Can you tell who is a sculptor at heart?

(my guy above, James’ below)

(Aslan’s dinosaur above, and Shiloh’s guns below)


Can’t believe my baby girl is a year and a half now! She loves her her Papa, her babies, and teasing her brothers. The other day, I saw a look on her face that I knew I’d seen before… Then it clicked! My brother David! At two years old, he had that look on his face as he went running through the yard laughing with my favorite doll Rianna, and he threw her into our swimming pool. Yup, it’s the same look Liesel gets. My poor boys… But we all love her anyway!

And here is James lovingly holding the deer that his little girl handed him before he drifted off to catch a few more snoozes one morning…

Bye for now! Next time…all about the farm, including our baby goats and who needed the first trip to the emergency room & four stitches due to an on-farm accident…

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