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Liesel’s Birthday!

My big girl is four years old! We had a wonderful little celebration for her. Her big gift was a new doll. She’d been playing with the dolls I had as a child, but their hair is a disaster, their eyes don’t open and shut well anymore, and James has an allergic reaction whenever they are waved around the living room. I found out about Corolle dolls, designed in France, who have hair that can be brushed and washed. I finally settled on a doll, ordered her, and then got busy in the evenings to make the doll a wardrobe which matched Liesel’s. I had so much fun putting it all together! Just a few days before her birthday, Liesel brought my old doll Katie to me and asked me to brush her hair. I had to hide my grin as I explained that it was too knotted and there was nothing I could do.

On the day of Liesel’s birthday, James put together a cake inspired by her love for worms and chocolate. We made a chocolate bunt cake with chocolate frosting and put chocolate pudding in the middle, with worms crawling out! Liesel was thrilled. She also loved the doll. She adored the matching clothes. When it came to naming the doll, it took a couple of days, but she finally decided on Smelly, because of the sweet vanilla scent on her. I guess she takes after her parents and picks unusual names πŸ™‚ Smelly sleeps with Liesel every night, in matching pajamas, and she has her hair brushed regularly.

We didn’t expect our 3 boys to be nearly as excited about the doll as Liesel was. Of course, they’ve always had dolls to play with as babies are a normal part of our daily life but none compared to Smelly. I caved and bought some used Gotz (German brand) and Corolle dolls off ebay for them. It made sense since the kids do everything from wrestling to coloring to Legos to Playmobile together. Once we received the 3 other dolls in the mail, they’d sit in a circle and brush their dolls’ hair together, or wrap them in blankets and take them on a picnic. I love those kids! Happy Birthday to Liesel!

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It’s A ………. !

In October, I was 20 weeks along in the pregnancy with the baby we’re nicknaming ‘Pepper’. For the first time ever, we went for a routine 20-week ultrasound… and (hopefully) found out the gender of our baby! (The only other ultrasound I’ve ever had was with my second child, Shiloh, at 35 weeks to make sure he was really head-down. We did find out his gender, but it felt different as I was already playing games with his feet and feeling him respond to my voice.) It totally felt like cheating to me to know so early! But it is fun! The main reason we did it was because Liesel had been insistent that she’s having a baby sister. We thought it would be nice to prepare her if it was a boy. I too thought it would be nice for bonding to know the gender. I’m so busy that it’s easy to forget about the little quiet one! I was hoping for a girl because when I was younger, I really wanted a sister. I hope that Liesel and another little girl of ours get to experience that relationship from a young age. Liesel, though, is growing up. I see this as the last chance for her to have a sister close in age unless God divinely drops a little girl into our family for us to adopt. So it has been my prayer for Liesel to have a sister, but God’s will be done! I sure adore all the young men God has blessed us with as well!

Well, the ultrasound tech said, β€œIt looks like a girl!” He seemed pretty certain. James and I were thrilled. When I came home, I put the kids in front of a movie and cleverly filled muffins with some pink frosting that would be hidden until they were eaten. Then we waited for James to finish out his day at work. Just before we ate the muffins, both big boys were voting boy, Liesel was voting girl, and Baird was mad because there were muffins on the table and we were talking instead of eating! Shiloh was the first to discover the pink, and he was pretty shocked. The boys announced it to Liesel and she didn’t seem to be able to take in that she was going to have a sister! Finally she started smiling… huge! When we asked the kids how we should announce to Nana, Aslan said, β€œThe one who is the happiest should tell her.” And so, Liesel got to make the phone call.

James recorded the moment we found out with our camera. Since then, he has watched and re-watched that video, and he’s not too convinced. He sees something (and I can see it too) that he wonders about… We’ve also looked at a ton of ultrasound pictures of boys and girls at 20 weeks to compare to ours. I’m still pretty convinced it’s a girl, but he says he’s 50/50, same as before the ultrasound. I think we both still like the element of surprise and I’m totally aware that if there’s a mistake, it’s likely to be saying ‘girl’ when it’s really a boy. And of all the people to pull that prank on, I think I’d be a pretty good candidate since I’ve been known to tease people who ‘had’ to know what they were having. Regardless, I’m currently crocheting a purple blanket and have plans to make a few little dresses. If little Pepper does turn out to be a boy, he’s sure to have Isaac (meaning laughter) as a part of his name. Either way, we will be thrilled.

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