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Pepper’s Name

Pepper’s Name

Usually we do not announce the name of our baby until he or she is born. This time though, as our family grows, the kids know what our name plans are, and we ‘know’ what the gender is, things are a little different. If our older little girl knows, the secret is sure to get out:) We decided not to keep our name choices from the kids or to pressure them not to tell, but rather just to let it out. Besides, we’ve had our baby girl name picked out since Liesel was about three weeks old! We watched a movie, fell in love with a name, and have been planning on giving it to a second baby girl ever since.

We have decided to name our baby girl (if she is indeed a girl…I guess I still like surprises :))…..

Evolet Eden.

Evolet is pronounced with a short ‘e’ sound at the beginning, and a long ‘o’ that actually sounds more like a short ‘e’ when it is said quickly.

How We Came Across the Name

In the weeks after Liesel was born, it took a couple of hours of rocking in the evenings to get her settled to sleep at night, otherwise she’d be crying every 20 minutes. We took that opportunity to watch a movie EVERY night! One night, we watched 10,000 BC. At the end, James looked at me and asked if I liked the name Evolet. My first question was, “How is it spelled?” I wasn’t sure if it started with a ‘Y’ or ‘E’ or had an ‘e’ instead of the ‘o’. We watched the credits to see how they spelled it and liked how it looked. My next question was, “Will she have blue eyes?” (You’ll have to watch to movie to understand that one! And I totally recommend it for adults. There is some witchcraft and idolatry, but at its heart, it is a story of love and redemption. We watched it again recently, but we wouldn’t show it to the kids.) By the next morning, it was settled. If we ever had another baby girl, her name would be Evolet. Somehow, it has remained that way! While pregnant, we thought Baird may have been Evolet, but it was not to be! Usually we move through baby names, and the name that we had picked out for the opposite gender gets laid aside, but not this time! It’s still at the top of the list!

The Meaning and Other Reasons for Choosing that Name…

We name our kids based off of what we like and what it means, and we like unique names. I did some research trying to figure out what Evolet means. I couldn’t find the name in any baby name book or online. Here’s what I came up with: In my baby name book I found the boy name ‘Evo’, a variation of Yves via Ivo. It is Old German and means ‘Yew wood’. So, I looked up ‘Ivo’ and the feminine version ‘Yvonne’. There my baby name book gives a bit more detail about Yew wood, explaining that it was used for making bows, and that Ivo may have been an occupational name meaning ‘archer.’ I think that’s perfect at this time as James has just recently switched to hunting with a bow and arrow and all the kids are very interested in archery! So if the ‘Evo’ part of the name means ‘Yew wood’ or ‘archer’ what does ‘let’ mean? According to my baby name book, Charles means man and Charlotte is a feminine form meaning little and womanly. So, ‘let’ could mean ‘little’. So our Evolet’s name would mean ‘little Yew wood’ or ‘little archer’.

Some of the other things I love about the name Evolet: It’s got the word ‘love’ in it backwards, I see it whenever I’m driving behind a Chevrolet (chEVrOLET), and I like ‘et’ endings in names. I like the names Juliet, Charlotte, Elizabet, Violet and especially Sonnet. Both James and I agree that we love the name Evolet, and we’re so excited to bless our daughter with it!

The meaning of Eden is fairly obvious. It is Hebrew for ‘pleasure’ or ‘delight’, as in the garden of Eden in the Bible. I don’t remember when exactly Eden got added on to the name Evolet, but again I think it was James’ idea and it stuck! The kids had had some complaints about the middle name being Eden, so we briefly talked about another option, but they liked that even less and finally wholeheartedly approved of Eden.

Some Answers to Questions that May Come Up:

Yes, her initials will be EEL. I don’t mind. Her last name may change one day anyway. We’ve recently watched Man Woman Wild and it’s made me realize that with my high fat and protein, low carb pregnancy diet, eating an eel for little Evolet’s nurishment would be a pretty good idea :).

Yes, we did get her name from a movie, but unlike it may seem, hers is the first name that we ever got from a movie! Aslan’s name was given to him 5 months before the first Narnia movie came out. Therefore, his name came from the books by CS Lewis, not the movie. Shiloh’s name came from the town where the tabernacle was set up not the movie about the dog (besides, I read that book long before the movie came out too.) Liesel’s name was not inspired by the Sound of Music, rather, by a daughter of one of my husband’s coworkers, a baby goat, and my familiarity with Strickliesl (a round knitting spool from Germany.) And as I arrive at Baird, I realize his name did come from a movie, sort of. Aslan picked out that name from a baby name book for Bambi’s papa as he had no name. Somehow, with it written on the whiteboard so he could remember it, it became part of the baby name possiblities list and then the name of our baby boy! And now Evolet, her name is 100% taken from a movie!

We are not sure what nicknames Evolet will have, and we are a weird family that comes up with some pretty weird nicknames that morph over time, often bearing no resemblance to the given name of the person. For example: Aslan was Fontee. He is now Azzie or Poozie. Shiloh is Yiyo or Shi. Liesel is Leezy or Baby Woman. Baird is Do-da, or Bairdy. For Evolet, I was thinking ‘Lettie’ would be nice, but it doesn’t seem to be sticking with the rest of the fam. Liesel has called her Evy, and she is still called Pepper much of the time. Only time will tell!

And yes, we have a back-up name for a boy: Ransom Isaac. I hated not having a name picked out for Baird the moment he was born, and don’t want to be in that position again! Isaac means laughter, and I’m sure we’d all have a good laugh as we pick through the receiving blankets to avoid the pink ones. I’ve been falling even more in love with the name Ransom as we sing ‘O come, O come Emmanuel and ransom captive Israel’ this Christmas season. It seems to me that it’s a very fitting namesake for what Jesus did and does for us. And now that we have 2 boys NOT named after the main characters in CS Lewis’ books, I feel comfortable adding another of his names to our family. (Ransom is a character the Space Trilogy.)


Now that we’ve announced the name, just about 3 more months to announce the arrival of the littlest Lyon! We’re getting very excited!

December 8, 2012 138

Evolet and I, beginning 3rd trimester. I can’t believe I still have 3 more months of growing to do!


P.S. I wrote this post using the info I could find about the name starting in 2008, but it turns out that a lot has changed since then! I just looked up ‘baby name Evolet’ on Google and lots of information pops up! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as I can’t deny that I think it’s a lovely name. All of the sites that I looked at just took the meaning of the name as it was made up for the movie, which is ‘the promise of life.’ Who knows, maybe one day the name Evolet will be quite common. Oh well!

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