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We are Silly :)

Way back when James and I were engaged, his sister took this picture of us being silly with my 5 old dolls. We used it to announce our pregnancy with our 5th child.




Yesterday after church before anyone smeared food on themselves, stripped naked, or changed into pajamas, we snapped our follow-up picture. I love how it turned out! Especially the grin on Baird’s face. We used a camera timer so James would press the button and then swoop Baird into his arms and sit down with him. He thought it was a blast!

March 24 023


My only regret is that we didn’t try to snap one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling before we disbanded!

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A Few Pictures

Every spare moment I have that I still have a brain, I’ve been working on my birth story for the blog. Between taking care of and loving on everyone, that’s not coming along very quickly! In the meanwhile, here’s another few pictures of little Evolet from my phone and I’ll try to get some up from the computer later!




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Our Midwife

We love our midwife! She’s attended the births of each of our 5 children. We are one of a few families that she’s attended so many births for.

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Liesel ‘juggled’ and sang Evolet to sleep on her lap today. Liesel was so pleased and remarked over and over that God answered her prayers and said, “yes” and gave her a sister.




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Evolet and Family

Photo credits for the first one go to my mom! The rest are from my phone. James got us ‘real’ Internet today so I should have more pictures up soon!





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Eyes open!



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Day 2

Here we are on day two, and we’re feeling much more human today! James and I slept last night, something we hadn’t gotten to do much of the two previous nights. Our little darling was awake a bit last night with hiccups and other digestive troubles, but finally started to latch on and continue nursing at around 3 this morning. She responds really well to James’ voice and she loves to look into eyes. She has lost some of the perma-grump look she had on her face when she was first born and we’ve even gotten to see a few flickers of smiles. We are still shocked and awed by how little she is. She’s our smallest baby! We are all so blessed and happy.

Here’s the view I have right now. (Unfortunately I only have enough Internet juices to upload a picture I take while I’m blogging on my phone, so I only have closed eyes pictures up.)


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Baby Evolet

Our baby girl, Evolet Eden, was born this morning at 12:10 AM weighing in at 8 lb 6oz, and 20 3/4″ long. She’s such a blessing and we’re all thrilled and exhausted.


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We’ve had quite a few windy days in the last couple of weeks. James and I always take a moment to marvel at ‘all those molecules moving around’ because way back at the beginning of our courtship he mentioned that he loved to think of wind as molecules moving. I thought he was just trying to impress me and I laughed, but he was totally serious! I had never really considered the concept before, but now that I do, I think he’s absolutely right! We love contemplating the thought together on windy days.

Another result of wind can be loss of electricity. We experienced that last Monday. The lights had flickered throughout the day and then after the kids went to bed , kabaam! Blackness! We had just started a movie. After a few minutes in a silent house, our attention was turned to the fact that we were planning a home birth… I was full term… and we had no good non-electric way to heat our home! I know that my midwife has served women who plan births with no electricity and she does not rely on it, but they would have other means to heat their houses! In the end we decided to fill our coffee thermos with hot water from the water heater. We could use it in a little hot water bottle of mine to help keep a baby warm if need be. We also had our suburban to take refuge in for warmth. We went to bed and several hours later the electricity did come back on, and obviously we didn’t have a baby by candlelight. I still think it would be fun and memorable to give birth with the sound of all those molecules blowing around outside though!

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