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We are Silly :)

Way back when James and I were engaged, his sister took this picture of us being silly with my 5 old dolls. We used it to announce our pregnancy with our 5th child.




Yesterday after church before anyone smeared food on themselves, stripped naked, or changed into pajamas, we snapped our follow-up picture. I love how it turned out! Especially the grin on Baird’s face. We used a camera timer so James would press the button and then swoop Baird into his arms and sit down with him. He thought it was a blast!

March 24 023


My only regret is that we didn’t try to snap one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling before we disbanded!


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A Few Pictures

Every spare moment I have that I still have a brain, I’ve been working on my birth story for the blog. Between taking care of and loving on everyone, that’s not coming along very quickly! In the meanwhile, here’s another few pictures of little Evolet from my phone and I’ll try to get some up from the computer later!




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Our Midwife

We love our midwife! She’s attended the births of each of our 5 children. We are one of a few families that she’s attended so many births for.

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Liesel ‘juggled’ and sang Evolet to sleep on her lap today. Liesel was so pleased and remarked over and over that God answered her prayers and said, “yes” and gave her a sister.




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Evolet and Family

Photo credits for the first one go to my mom! The rest are from my phone. James got us ‘real’ Internet today so I should have more pictures up soon!





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Eyes open!



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