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I am not a holiday picture person so I didn’t take a lot of Christmas-y pictures this last week. I actually enjoyed not worrying about the camera. Even so, I have some fun pictures to share.

James and the kids built these model houses:

Dec 002

I got pictures of our one snow day, and Baird’s first real experience with snow since it’s been 2 years since we had snow:

Dec 019 Dec 021 Dec 022 Dec 028 Dec 034 Dec 039 Dec 042 Dec 046

James fixed our Suburban, in the wet and cold, within 24 hours of discovering a problem. Love that man! He even had the terrifying experience of having a bird fly UNDER the Suburban between him and what he was working on! It freaked him out!

Dec 054

I found this amazing picture of Baird with a Zoob crown which James took. It’s a very typical look of his but so hard to capture on camera!

Dec 070

Evolet loves her big siblings!

Dec 081

I don’t know why I enjoy this picture of Evolet and me SO much, but I do! It’s a very typical angle for me to get to see!

Dec 094

I tried and tried and TRIED to get a good picture of Evolet and Liesel but they were all blurry! Here’s some of the better ones.

Dec 097 Dec 098 Dec 105 Dec 108 Dec 112

I can’t believe that James already has to go back to work tomorrow! It’s been a wonderful week off!

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Just Puppy Pictures

Still from the first couple of weeks:

2013 675 2013 677 2013 709  2013 728  2013 808

A fun series after the baby’s bath.


2013 7102013 7112013 712 2013 7132013 714 2013 715

These were just taken yesterday. She’s growing so fast!

Rory 003 Rory 004 Rory 005

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September Hunting Trip

Back a while, in September, we had a successful family hunting trip. We were road hunting as a family for the first time. It was windy and rainy and mostly we were looking to have a fun family drive in our big rig. We used to enjoy such rides often, until our growing family was so squished into our little car that we stopped driving around aimlessly as a form of a ‘date’ for James and me. We were hunting for grouse, porcupine, or bear. Before we left we studied up on porcupine sign, because James had never hunted it before. He also told me that grouse are ‘the chicken of the forest.’ When they are disturbed, they fly from the ground onto a branch and look at you. We’ve had chickens before, so that kind of behavior made perfect sense to me. We didn’t really expect to get anything hunting as a family, but we were hopeful.

Here we are driving away from the islands toward our beloved mountains:

2013 362

We drove and drove. James took us on a detour up a steep logging road. When we were coming back down the kids were terrified and even Baird yelled, “Me scared! Me die!” Everyone laughed about that for a long time.

As we were moseying along, I noticed a chubby bird flutter up to a branch and look at us. I asked James to back up to check it out, and sure enough it was a grouse! It sat there looking and James shot it, climbed into the wet bushes to retrieve it, gutted it, and skinned it. Baird was exceedingly proud!

2013 364 2013 365 2013 367 2013 368

Once we got home, James cooked the grouse and a salmon that his dad had given us. We had a feast!

2013 397

What a man! Yes, he needed me to spot the game 😉 but after that he did all the work and fed our family a delicious meal!


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