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Over the last couple of days, the kids have been working on various birthday projects for Evolet. Aslan found a silly striped zebra in an art book and Liesel came up with the idea of a kangaroo all on her own! Today we decorated Evolet’s wall with the masterpieces. (Liesel also made a sun, and Shiloh made the little origami bird.)

March 5 Evie Bday 001 March 5 Evie Bday 006March 5 Evie Bday 088

Every month I have been taking a picture of Evolet with her blanket and her bunny. Today she just didn’t want to cooperate! She threw a fit, wriggle to the edge of the couch, and slid down to the floor and freedom!

March 5 Evie Bday 015 March 5 Evie Bday 019 March 5 Evie Bday 021

Evolet loves her Oball walker. She does not roll or crawl at all! She only scoots or bounces on her bottom! Over the last week she has just begun to pull herself up into a kneeling and standing position, mostly to see our quail chicks. Just today she really started taking steps with someone holding her hands!

March 5 Evie Bday 033 March 5 Evie Bday 037

I made Evolet a black bean chocolate cake! The cake part was healthy and the frosting not so much. Everyone else enjoyed the whole thing, but after Evolet got over the texture of the frosting, that was all she ate!

March 5 Evie Bday 045 March 5 Evie Bday 047 March 5 Evie Bday 054

She was so proud of herself for standing her cake up.

March 5 Evie Bday 055

I remember having one of these chatterbox phones when I was a kid. Evolet enjoys rolling it around. We also made her a little family photo book with sandwich bags and clear packing tape.

March 5 Evie Bday 064 March 5 Evie Bday 075 March 5 Evie Bday 085

I love that little girl! And it’s been such a fun day with all the excitement and participation of the other kids, with no expectation or demands on her part. Just after singing the birthday song and serving her cake, I got a bit teary-eyed though, thinking that we likely have more first birthdays behind us rather than ahead of us. Wow, my kids are growing up so fast! I love every one of them! Thank you Jesus!

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