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Quarter 2 Art

We are now halfway through our art curriculum for this school year. While I don’t generally like to be super structured with a homeschool curriculum that tells us what to do every single day, I am loving the structure of a weekly art curriculum. We are using ARTistic Pursuits K-3 Book 1. I’m using the blog to store the art for our enjoyment and as an opportunity for the kids to share their work with others as a sort of art show. Each of the kids chose the pieces that they wanted me to include in the blog, and dictated to me any comments or title that they wanted.

Aslan, 9 years old

Quarter 2-8

Quarter 2-7

Papa, Me and Shiloh fishing

Quarter 2-5

Our yard

Quarter 2-4IMG_8480

Evolet picking berries

Quarter 2-2


Quarter 2-1

The sunset


The Bear

Shiloh, 8 years old


Quarter 2-1

This is a dragon that woke up from his hibernation and is burning the landscape.

Quarter 2-2

This is my house

Quarter 2-4IMG_8842

This is my baby sister, Evolet, eating ice cream.

Quarter 2-6

Quarter 2-7

This is Papa, me and Aslan fishing.

Liesel, 6 years old


Winged unicorn


Panda in the mirror


The neighbor’s house




The Advent wreath


Me watching a car


Flower in the sun


Evolet camping


Me feeding the birds


A wine glass and cups


Me in the morning light

Baird, age 3. It’s funny that right after the last time I posted a blog with Baird’s work, he quit using only orange! He’s been experimenting with a lot more colors now!


Flying Unicorn Dog

quarter 2-1

A treehouse

quarter 2-2


quarter 2-3

quarter 2-4

A rainbow-y game

quarter 2-9

quarter 2-8

A dark, dark morning

quarter 2-7

An orange day

quarter 2-6

A thing

quarter 2-5

A blue day

And, myself. I love taking some time to be creative with the kids!


Artistic Pursuits Q2-8

Our church, with a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new memories.

Artistic Pursuits Q2-7

Artistic Pursuits Q2-6IMG_8691

Since I was a little girl, I’ve hated the color red. In 2011 when we went tent shopping, the right tent for our family just happened to be red. Now, with all the wonderful memories we have of camping as a family and the sun streaming through the red fabric of our tent first thing in the morning, I think the color is beginning to grow on me 🙂

Artistic Pursuits Q2-5

Artistic Pursuits Q2-4

Special Boxes

Artistic Pursuits Q2-3

Date night walk on the marina

Artistic Pursuits Q2-2

A huge green canvas tent that we own also brings back great memories of time in that tent, and the color of the room that I gave birth to Shiloh in.

Artistic Pursuits Q2-1

It’s such a blessing to spend quality time with my kids. For each family that looks different, but for us Friday afternoon art is something that we all look forward to! We’ve grown a lot too. Art wasn’t always a fun and peaceful time. For a long time, one of my kids would fight any planning that I’d put in to art. It was a long road to the cooperative son that I do art with now, including times when I had to warn him ahead of time of what an appropriate attitude is, and then send him away from the family during art when he resisted any project that I tried to lead. There was a time when I cried about that problem and would shy away from projects because of his resistance, and leading the other kids to resist also. I’m not sure exactly what to attribute the change to, time & maturity, consequences to bad attitudes, using structure and authority outside of myself for a while (art lessons on video or read from a book) or what, but I sure am glad that we are past that time of tears and arguing when it comes to art! I’m glad that we didn’t give up, and he is too. It encourages me to look back on that when thinking about other areas of family life that we are struggling with. It’s a journey! Keep plugging away!

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