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Lyon Family Butcher Day!

The day really started with James, Aslan, and Shiloh going to our friend’s house to slaughter her hog. It’s a good thing James brought those strapping young men, he says that without them he wouldn’t have been able to get it in the truck! Once they got home the family butchering adventure began!

Touching the hog.

March 2015 305

March 2015 307

March 2015 312

She’s really questioning the sanity of our family.

March 2015 313

“Mama come save me!”

March 2015 317

I love Liesel’s face in this one! “Yuck!”

March 2015 321

March 2015 323

March 2015 326

Anatomy lessons.

March 2015 329

I can still smell it!

March 2015 334

Lard making… we should have cut the pieces much smaller.

March 2015 335

March 2015 338

March 2015 342

The little $4.00 used grinder was the best purchase James could have made!

March 2015 345

March 2015 346

Grind, grind, grind…

March 2015 349

March 2015 350

Labeling the packages of meat.

March 2015 351

Still going… this is exhausting, all day kind of work!

March 2015 353

Everybody participating! The kids were so good all day. The only thing lacking was that when getting the intestines out, James didn’t blow up the bladder like a balloon for the kids to play with like Pa did in Little House in the Big Woods!

March 2015 355

Yummy snack of peaches after lots of work on no food!

March 2015 362

More grinding. Did I mention that we love the grinder?

March 2015 368

The cracklings. Only Evolet loves them. We burned some and we should have had all the lard pieces cut smaller.

March 2015 376

Our freezer, about a foot deep with just the pork…


…But the biggest reward was over 2 gallons of healthy lard!


This adventure was so different than the butchering we did 3 years ago with all little kids who couldn’t really help. We all had a terrific family day and we really enjoyed working together. Now I’d better go help the others with the clean up that we’re still working on this morning…

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