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This year we kicked off our school year with a new (not just for fun) construction toy.

We got Kapla planks and Kapla art books. We love them! We bought 2 x 200 piece sets and the red and green books. Soon we hope to have more planks and the other 2 books!

Shiloh’s first project, a chair:

Sept 4 130

Aslan’s first project:

Sept 4 136 Sept 4 138

Liesel’s first project:

Sept 4 154

Baird did build some roads, but I don’t have any pictures. Evolet chewed on a plank.

My first project:

Sept 4 159 Sept 4 160

Aslan’s next big project:

Sept 4 167

Shiloh worked on the perfect spinning tower:

Sept 4 174 Sept 4 178

James woke up to discover the Kapla planks, and we had fun Lyon Family Style (That is everyone in their pajamas, a huge mess, and everyone working on various projects.)

Sept 4 184 Sept 4 199 Sept 4 203  Sept 4 214 Sept 4 220

James and I built these after the kids went to bed and left it for them to wake up to the next morning.

Sept 4 235

Next, the kids discovered all the possibilities of mixing Kaplas with Legos!

Sept 4 238 Sept 4 240

That’s our way of kicking off the school year!!! Maybe I’ll get some shots of the kids all dressed in ‘day clothes’ before we head to the Learning Center’s kick-off tomorrow morning: a presentation from the Museum of Flight! Then again, I never have taken traditional pictures like that before, so I may not.

(We are moving on to some reading, writing, rithmatic stuff too, but each week throughout the school year the kids will be building a Kapla project, taking a picture of it, and then knocking it down. Oh, and I may build a few more things as well.)

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